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Our Investor Circle works with more than 100 ultra high net worth asset owners, financial institutions, and networks to activate toward Decarceration and investing in infrastructure to repair harm in Black, Brown, Indigenous, and systems impacted communities.


The Investor Circle is committed to:


  1. Educate investors and financial institutions with trusted data sets and screens to enable investors to eliminate exposure to the prison industry 

  2. Release groundbreaking research and concept papers informing the field about the risk and exposure created by mass incarceration in their portfolios across asset classes

  3. Activate Investors to refuse deals that would further the growth of mass incarceration Create engagement opportunities that seek to shift capital away from the prison industry 

  4. Host experiences for investors and financial institutions to learn about the harm of existing investments and possibilities of new investments into community-based public health and safety and building infrastructure in Black, Brown, Indigenous, and systems impacted communities

  5. Present impact investing opportunities toward community-led public health, safety, and reparative infrastructure.

Steering Committee

The Investor Circle Toward Decarceration is led by a steering committee of investors and advised by our advisory committee, which is made up of formerly incarcerated and systems impacted-led community based organizations and leaders to ensure alignment with directly impacted leaders.

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